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Community Project: e-Flight Log

The e-Flight Log Community Project is an effort to develop a mobile, cross platform, professional-grade flight log. The first phase of this project will focus on developing a stand-alone flight log that save log information for a single flight in a spreadsheet or other file-based storage. The resulting self-contained document can be emailed, uploaded or printed.

During the prototyping stage, project participants have developed a Microsoft Excel based electronic flight log that may be of use to operators today.

e-Flight Log (v. 0.31) has the following features:

  • Compatible with most applications capable of reading .XLSX documents.
  • Compatible with iOS 5 devices, including the iPhone and iPad, running Docs to Go Premium
  • Usable in Part 135 operations as well as Part 91 operations.
  • Calculates BLOCK and FLIGHT times based on OUT,OFF,ON,IN.
  • Calculates engine times for up to three engines.
  • Can be printed to standard 8.5 in by 11 in paper.
  • Released under an Open Source License so users can customize to their needs.

This project is supported by your donations. Please choose a donation amount to proceed to the download page.





Other Donation

I do not want to make a donation to support this project, but I would like to download the eFlightLog anyway.I do not want to support this project, but I would like to download the eFlightLog anyway.

If you are interested in participating in development of the e-Flight Log, please contact us at


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