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Top 5 iPad Kneeboards (5 of 5): MyGoFlight iPad Kneeboard Pro C

MyGoFlight's iPad Kneeboard Pro C kneeboard for the iPad 2 is the Hum-V of iPad kneeboards. This feature-rich flight deck organizer is a form fitted, anodized aluminum case that is padded with a layer of foam that holds the iPad 2 securely in place using a polycarbonate Case Back and magnets. The cut-out design provides access to all of the iPad's ports, buttons and controls. When "undocked" from the iPad Kneeboard Pro cradle, the Case Back is also compatible with Apple's Smart Cover. The Pro C includes a specialized clipboard with helpful pilot reference information that adheres magnetically on the outside or inside of the case. At an MSRP of $189.00, the MyGoFlight iPad Kneeboard Pro C is a bit pricey, but the materials an workmanship are several grades higher than your average kneeboard. Learn more the iPad Kneeboard Pro C at the MyGoFlight website, or purchase it from   PREVIOUS: VTE Inc.'s The Knee Dock… Read more ...

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Top 5 iPad Kneeboards (4 of 5): The Knee Dock

Manufactured by VTI Inc. /USA, The Knee Dock is a well-built, low-cost, no-frill iPad kneeboard mount. It allows an iPad or iPad 2 to be securely strapped to the pilots leg. A soft silicon riser elevates the iPad to better viewing angle while ensuring the kneeboard does not slip sideways. The Knee Dock holds the iPad in portrait mode, and it cannot be physically rotated while strapped to the pilot's leg. As a result, The Knee Dock may not be suitable for all flightdecks or Apps. However, it is an excellent value at an MSRP of $29.95 USD, and you can purchase the KneeDock for iPad 2 from NEXT: MyGoFlight Pro C PREVIOUS: Sky High Gear Genesis Kneeboard… Read more ...

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Top 5 iPad Kneeboards (3 of 5): Sky High Gear Genesis Kneeboard

Sky High Gear, Inc.'s Genesis Kneeboard for the iPad 2 is essentially an attractive iPad 2 portfolio case with straps. The case is made of ultra durable ballistic nylon material on the exterior and lined with brushed suede microfiber to protect iPad surfaces. The leg strap has a large loop to hold large pens or even a  mini flashlight. Additional loops on the sides are can be used for additional writing utensils. The front cover folds down, allowing the iPad to be propped up for a better viewing angle (at least when viewed in horizontal mode). When on the ground, the case converts into an iPad stand and has unlimited angle adjustment for viewing. Access to the sync port is available without removing or opening the case.  The Genesis Kneeboard measures 9.75 X 7.50 X 1.00" and weighs 12 oz and comes with a 1 year warranty. While some customers are critical that the velcro straps are too short, this problem can easily be solved with a Velcro extension strap: take equal lengths of soft velcro (loops) and hard velcro (hooks), and stick the two pieces together.  This shortcoming is more than made up for by the inclusion of an iPad-compatible stylus, which can alone can cost between $15 and $30 at most electronics retails. While the Sky High Gear Genesis Kneeboard may not be the best iPad kneeboard available, with the included iPad-compatible pen,  the $36.00 US retail price makes it an excellent value, even compared to non-aviation iPad cases. The Sky High Gear Genesis Kneeboard is available through various distributors and online retailers, including NEXT: VTE Inc.'s The Knee Dock PREVIOUS: Sporty's FlightGear iPad Kneeboard… Read more ...

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Top 5 iPad Kneeboards

View this slideshow featuring's Top 5 iPad kneeboards to learn about cost-effective solutions to mounting an iPad EFB in the cockpit.

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Top 5 iPad Kneeboards (2 of 5): Sporty’s Flight Gear iPad Kneeboard

The Flight Gear line of kneeboards have a great history in the cockpit, and with the rising popularity of iPads and other tablets, it Sporty's Pilot Shop is doing an excellent job evolving this tried-and-true flightdeck organizer to support the latest technology without sacrificing the durability, simplicity and  comfort that are trademarks of the Flight Gear line. The Sporty's Flight Gear iPad Kneeboard (P/N 7951A) retails for $39.95 USD, and has the following features: Left side iPad stand with adjustable viewing angle Right flap can be completely folded over for a slimmer shape in tight cockpits Organizer section includes mesh pockets and a zippered compartment (0capable of holding an external GPS) Paper notepad for copying clearances or weather Exterior storage pocket for backup paper charts and ID holder Adjustable leg strap and padded back Measures 18"w x 11" when opened; 9"w x 11" when closed Protects iPad screen when closed Learn more about the Flight Gear iPad Kneeboard at the Sporty's Pilot Shop website. NEXT: Sky High Gear Genesis Kneeboard PREVIOUS: RAM Rotating Leg Kneeboard Mount for the Apple iPad  … Read more ...

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Top 5 iPad Kneeboards (1 of 5): RAM Rotating Kneeboard

RAM has a long history of building high-quality, rugged and customizable aviation mounts. Incorporating patented ball-and-socket technology, the RAM Rotating Leg Mount allows the iPad to be rotated between horizontal and verticasl view. The ball-and-socket mount also allows the iPad to be positioned at various angles, a feature that helps prevent the display from being washed out in direct sunlight. The RAM Rotating Leg Kneeboard Mount (p/n RAM-BM-L1-SB1-AP8U) retails for $62.82 and consists of a leg kneeboard base, two straps for tight support, socket system and custom high strength composite cradle for the Apple iPad and iPad 2. More information can be found on the RAM website.   NEXT: Sporty's FlightGear iPad Kneeboard PREVIOUS: Introduction… Read more ...

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