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New: Graphical Route Advisor, Faster Basemap, Scheduled Flight Search, and more

By ForeFlight

ForeFlight Mobile version 9.3 is now available on the App Store.

Graphical Route Advisor Enhances Flight Planning

Enhancements to the Flights view in ForeFlight Mobile improve the efficiency of your planning and filing workflows.

The first new feature most customers will notice in the Flights view is a built-in map under the Route section. The interactive Route Preview map provides a quick visual reference of your route, showing the departure and destination airports overlaid on a simple basemap.

Route Preview also graphically depicts all route options in the Route Advisor tool. Tap a route in the list to highlight it on the map, then tap “Select Route” to easily add it to your flight plan. You will also see the new Route Preview on the Maps view when using Route Advisor from the Flight Plan Editor.

At the bottom of the Flights planning form, the new “Add Next Flight” button makes it faster to plan multi-leg flights by carrying forward aircraft details, payload, fuel policy, and more.

In addition, you can now export your flight plan in the official ICAO format and print, email, share via AirDrop, or save a copy in ForeFlight Documents. For these options, tap Proceed to File and use the Send To button in the top right.

Flight Notifications Now in All ForeFlight Plans

After filing your flight plan in ForeFlight, you will automatically receive a push notification to your device when Air Traffic Control issues a revised expected route and when Adverse Weather Conditions arise that may affect your flight. Previously a Pro plan or higher feature, Flight Notifications are now available to customers on all ForeFlight plan levels.

Faster, Sharper, Data-Driven Basemap & Improvements to Terrain

Thanks to some behind-the-scenes data improvements, the global basemap renders more smoothly, and has better depictions of major roads, railways, national parks, and state and national boundaries. You can see the basemap by turning off any chart layers such as the Sectional or IFR Enroute charts.

In the Map Settings menu, choose from multiple Terrain presentations: Colored, Shaded, or Off. Shaded Terrain is a new option that uses grayscale shading to depict terrain, providing the same level of detail as the colored terrain option with less visual distraction.

Convenient Scheduled Flight Search in Maps View

Enter a tail number, aircraft call sign, or commercial flight number into the Maps view search box to see recently filed flight plans. ForeFlight displays filed flight plans for aircraft that are either currently enroute or depart in the next 24 hours. Simply tap on a result to load the route into the Flight Plan Editor. It's easy to load an upcoming commercial flight so you can follow along in the air.

Weather Layer Time Slider

A new interactive Time Slider tool provides frame-by-frame control over playback of Radar and Satellite weather layers. Use the familiar play button to automatically play through each frame. To manually control playback, tap-hold on the Time Slider and drag left or right to move between frames, or tap on the line to the left or right of the slider marker to advance it one frame at a time in either direction.

Performance-based Step Climb Legs in Navlog

If your aircraft cannot direct-climb to the desired altitude based on weight and temperature conditions, ForeFlight's performance planning engine will plan to the highest possible initial altitude, then step-climb as the aircraft weight decreases.

You can access the Navlog with step-climb information from the Flights view by tapping the Navlog button. The step climb leg information is available in Performance Plus, Business Performance, and MFB Performance plans. Learn more about ForeFlight Performance planning.

New for SiriusXM SXAR1: Turbulence, Icing, and Surface Analysis Weather Layers

SiriusXM SXAR1 turbulence layerFor customers flying with the SiriusXM SXAR1 aviation receiver, you will now see Icing, Turbulence, and Surface Analysis layers as part of your SiriusXM Pilot for ForeFlight subscription.

For a fast analysis of Icing and Turbulence conditions at each altitude, you can quickly scrub between altitudes using the Altitude Slider in the lower right corner of the Maps view. In addition, the Icing layer is enhanced with small red dots to indicate dangerous regions of supercooled large droplets. Refer to the Pilot's Guide or the ForeFlight Mobile Legends Guide for more details on interpreting these new weather layers.

Better Logbook Workflow with Next Entry Button

Logbook Add Next Flight

Like the new “Add Next Flight” capability for the Flights view, the “Add Next Entry” button in Logbook allows you to quickly add a follow-up entry for any existing flight in your logbook.

The new entry uses the same aircraft as the previous flight, and auto-fills the departure airport and Hobbs/Tach time based on the details of the previous flight. The button is available at the bottom of every flight entry.

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