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Masters of the Universal Serial Bus

USB gave me back my life.

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Pro Tip: Make Sure Your Flight Planning Web Resources Are Running

More and more of the flight planning resources we use on a regular basis are moving online. Whether checking weather at aviationweather.gov, planning an filing a flight plan through FltPlan.com, or looking up the latest airworthiness directives at FAA.gov, not having access to these sites could be just as detrimental to getting off the ground as an actual maintenance failure. For these "mission critical" sites, it's often helpful to implement Website Monitoring. Website monitoring is simply a web-based, automated service that periodically checks one or more websites to see if they are working and sends an alert (often via email, text message, or even a phone call), letting you know the site is down. Even though you may not run the site, knowing it isn't operational alerts you to switch to an alternative flight planning tool quickly, without banging your head on the keyboard wondering if the problem is your computer, the hotel Internet connection, or the site itself. There are many free or low cost tools out there that provide free or low cost monitoring. Use the search bar below to search for "Website Monitoring" and see what's out their: @import url(http://www.google.com/cse/api/branding.css); Custom Search… Read more ...

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