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OBAMA SAYS: You’ll still be able to ride on your corporate jet; you’re just going to have to pay a little more

Obama Pokes A Finger At General Aviation Tax Incentives

During a June 29 press conference on the current state of the economy, US President Barack Obama called for rolling back tax incentives for aircraft owners and operators, the same tax incentives he championed last year in an effort to stimulate the economy. "You’ll still be able to ride on your corporate jet; you’re just going to have to pay a little more," said President Obama. The tax incentives on the chopping block include "bonus depreciation",  which was introduced with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and renewed under the Small Business Jobs Act when signed into law by President Obama on September 27, 2010. Under bonus depreciation, new general aviation aircraft and major components (like engines and avionics) could be depreciated at an accelerated rate, significantly reducing the tax burden in the first year of ownership and reducing the overall tax burden over the life of the aircraft or component. While President Obama's speech characterized all corporate jet owners as "millionaires and billionaires", the tax incentives he proposes eliminating benefit small and medium sized business who use aircraft (whether piston, turboprop or jet) as business tools that help them remain competitive in a struggling economy. "[President Obama] just simply perpetuated a caricature of business aviation that is at odds with the reality of how this industry operates in the United States, " stated National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) President Ed Bolen. According to NBAA, eight-five percent of companies that use business aircraft are small and medium sized business. “The president of the United States said we need to shorten depreciation schedules to generate jobs," Bolen remarked. "The idea that we would lengthen the depreciation schedules for business aviation operators at a time when our economy is struggling is simply absurd.” Based on General Aviation Manufacturing Association(GAMA) data, General Aviation contributes more than $150 billion annually to the US economy, employing about 1.2 million workers.… Read more ...

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FAA Releases Draft Guidance on EFB Installation and Mounting

The FAA recently released Advisory Circular 20-EFB (DRAFT): Installation of Electronic Flight Bag Components, which covers power source requirements, aircraft data connectivity, mount installation and certification, and other airworthiness requirements for EFB provisions. Learn more about AC 20-EFB (DRAFT) in the Guidance Library.… Read more ...

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Garmin and Jeppensen Announce ‘PilotPak’ Bundled Database Offering for Panel Mount Avionics

Garmin G600

Garmin and Jeppesen have introduced new avionics database bundles for GTN, G600, G500, G500H and G3X avionics packages. The new service is called PilotPak, and according to Garmin's press release, customers can expect discounts of up to seventy percent, depending on avionics packages currently installed. Read the complete Garmin PilotPak Announcement on Garmin.com.… Read more ...

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FlightPrep Donates iPad2 for iPad KABOOM! Community Project

FlightPrep, a division of Stenbock & Everson, Inc., joined the iPad KABOOM! Community Project as a premier sponsor earlier this week. FlightPrep helped gain industry-wide attention for the project as an early supporte, and as one of the project’s leading sponsors, FlightPrep is donating an iPad2 to be used for DO-160 rapid decompression testing. During the test, the iPad will be operating using FlightPrep’s latest release of iChart 2.0. "FlightPrep is proud to sponsor the iPad KABOOM! project with PaperlessCockpit.com.  Since the iPad was announced, FlightPrep has been working hard to make our applications and services available on this revolutionary platform,” said Travis Cannon, FlightPrep’s Director of Engineering and Spokesperson.  “Our goal is to help make electronic flight bag technology available to every pilot.” The iPad2 donated by FlightPrep, along with a one year subscription to iChart 2.0 and a copy of the DO-160 decompression test certification, will be auctioned off at a charity event this fall. “FlightPrep’s generous donation of the iPad2 hardware and its continued support of iPad KABOOM! is a major step forward to successful completion of PaperlessCockpit.com’s  first Community Project”, said Curtis Oden, Managing Editor of PaperlessCockpit.com. “We hope the iPad KABOOM! project can serve as a future model for collaboration across the industry.” Including the value of the donated iPad2 and contributions from donors from all around the world, the iPad KABOOM! Community Project has raised about seventy percent of the funds needed to complete the project. “The iPad KABOOM! project will help the aviation community get even closer to a truly paperless cockpit,” said Cannon. “Please join us in supporting Paperless Cockpit and the iPad KABOOM! project." For more information about the iPad KABOOM! Community Project, visit http://PaperlessCockpit.com/projects/iPad2. For more information about FlightPrep, visit http://FlightPrep.com.… Read more ...

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FlightPrep Announces iChart 2.0

FlightPrep recently released iChart 2.0 for IOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new version introduces GPS moving map on approach plates, enroute charts, and airport diagrams. While the software has built-in support for XM weather, Baron Services has not yet publicly released its Mobile WX Link device, which enables iPads and other portable devices to connect to an XM receiver. For more information about iChart 2.0, visit FlightPrep.com.… Read more ...

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