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BARR Fight! NBAA Submits Comments to FAA, Throws Solid Punch for Privacy Rights

From - Washington, DC, March 31, 2011 – In comments submitted to the federal government today, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) outlined a number of serious concerns raised by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) plan to severely limit the ability of companies using general aviation airplanes to opt-out of having their movements published by flight-tracking services. NBAA’s comments were submitted in response to a notice recently published in the Federal Register regarding the FAA’s intention to curtail significantly the Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program – a proposal that has been met with strong objections from NBAA, its members, and other major industry groups in and outside the aviation sector...  Read the full Press Release from NBAA, or view NBAA's response to the FAA's request for comments about the BARR. Watch the AOPA Live interview with NBAA President and CEO, Ed Bolen regarding NBAA's opposition of the proposed changes to the BARR program:… Read more ...

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Severe Storm Causes Tent Collapse, Aircraft Damage and Minor Injuries at Sun n’ Fun

Sun n' Fun Storm

LAKELAND, FL - High winds are wreaking havoc at Sun n' Fun. According to reports, many suffered minor injuries when strong winds swept through the show, damaging display booths and flipping light aircraft.   The severe weather was not unexpected. Sun n' Fun event officials posted a weather alert on their website yesterday afternoon notifying attendees and exhibitors of tornado watch issued for Lakeland and Polk County until 8 PM that evening. The Sun n' Fun weather alert also warned that severe weather was expected Thursday. "Remember to keep safety as your top priority," the alerts states. Officials encouraged exhibitors to secure aircraft, tents, exhibits and campsites, and to warn others to do so as well. Even with yesterday's warnings, today's weather caused enough damage for show organizers to cancell show events for the remainder of the day. Local residents report seeing funnel clouds in the area.… Read more ...

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Jeppesen Introduces Express JeppView Solution

Press Release courtesy of Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In and Expo, Lakeland, FL | 30 Mar 2011 - Jeppesen today introduces the “Express JeppView” digital charting solution that serves to replace paper terminal charts and procedures for the general and small business aviation markets.  Express JeppView digital charting services are also now available through the popular Jeppesen Mobile TC charting App for iPad at no additional charge for digital charting subscribers. Express JeppView services now provide digital charting and procedure information for the same geographic coverage regions currently available with the Jeppesen Airway Manual Express paper charting service, with digital chart subscription services now available starting at $76 annually.  The new Express JeppView solution provides digital bi-weekly revisions on the traditional Airway Manual cycle and eliminates the need to file paper revisions, which reduces pilot workload. “General and small business aviation operators now have a low cost, low risk and high quality digital solution for Jeppesen charts that replace paper charts in the cockpit,”  said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Portfolio Management, Aviation.  “General aviation operators will now be able to access terminal chart and procedure information through an iPad at no additional charge, using the Jeppesen Mobile TC App.” Supplemental paper enroute and area charts with legend information and chart change notices are included at no additional charge with Express JeppView terminal chart subscriptions.  No initial software fees are associated with Express JeppView subscriptions and individual trip kits are available for each coverage region, providing a complete set of charts for a pilot’s typical flying area. Express JeppView customers receive four site keys with their subscription to load Jeppesen digital charts on up to four mobile computing devices for planning, operation or backup purposes.  One site key is needed to download the Jeppesen Mobile TC App available through the App Store on iPad or at… Read more ...

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Sun n’ Fun – 37th international Fly-in and Expo

Sun n' Fun 37th Annual Fly-In and Expo

SHOW DATES: March 29 to April 3, 2001 LOCATION: Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (LAL) NOTES: If you're flying in, read the NOTAM! OVERVIEW: Pilots, aircraft owners and other aviation enthusiasts planning to attend this year’s SUN ’n FUN International Fly–In & Expo have a great deal to look forward to as this year’s event offers one of the strongest schedules of aircraft, people and programs in recent memory.  The 37th annual “Spring Break for Pilots and friends” will be held March 29 – April 3 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida.  FEATURED EVENTS: (Complete, official schedule of events at   Airshow Schedule Workshop Schedule FAA Forums Schedule   … Read more ...

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Alternative Definitions for Common Professional Aviation Terminology

The following is a list of alternative definitions for common terms you may hear as an aviation professional. Please note that this list is not for any member of the aviation community who has had his or her sense of humor extracted along with his or her personality. If you find any of these definitions offensive, inaccurate or incomplete, or would like to contribute your own terminology,  please use the comment box provided below. So, without further delay: Total Time Measurement of flight training debt, expressed in hours. Check ride (Spouse) What many commercial pilot spouses hope for, but few get today. Often bouncy. (Commercial Student Pilot) Common motivation to marry a working boyfriend/girlfriend while in flight school or working for a commuter airline. (Airline Pilot) What a pilot's ex-spouse gets every month. Cabotage When a crew memeber bribes another crew member's taxi driver to drop him or her off at an unexpected destination. Block Time Limited time at home a pilot spends playing with his or her small children. Duty Time Limited time a pilot at home spends with his or her spouse / significant other. Pilot In Command (PIC) Any time a pilot's spouse / significant other is not present. Instrument Time A pilot's favorite recreational activity. Spouse or signigicant other may be present, but most often is not. Attitude Flying General demeanor of a pilot when not actually in the aircraft. Standard Rate Furn Slow, controlled head movement required when an attractive man or women walks by. Steep Turn (Male) Evasive maneuver performed by pilot when his wife shows up at the bar looking for him. (Female) Evasive maneuver a woman SHOULD perform when she sees a pilot in a bar. S Turn Recovering maneuver when a pilot attempts a standard rate turn or steep turn but is seen by his/her spouse.… Read more ...

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Jeppesen Confirms: iPad 2 Does Not Violently Explode At High Altitude

Apple iPad 2

Jeppesen announced today that the iPad 2 has successfully passed rapid decompression testing up to an altitude of 51,000 feet, but interpretations of testing requirements and the crisis in Japan could prove problematic for operators ready to jump on the bandwagon. Last month Jeppesen announced that the first generation iPad had successfully completed high-altitude rapid decompression testing as part of Executive Jet Management's (EJM) efforts to implement Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) across its fleet. Jeppesen is not typically known for responding quickly to customer requests or changes in the market, so it was a pleasant suprise that this announcement came so quickly after the iPad 2 hit retailers. That both generations of "off-the-shelf" iPads passed the high altitude tests speaks well for Apple's ability to deliver hardware that is well-suited for aviation applications. While Apple has not yet made any announcements regarding use of the iPad in aviation applications, Jeppesen's commitment to supporting the iPad platform assures that operators who adopt the platform should have a robust support infrastructure (at least as long as they are using the Jeppesen's Mobile TC app). Jeppesen hopes this series of tests will open the floodgates for operators to adopt electronic charts, and while the Boeing subsidiary may prefer that its own Mobile TC is the electronic chart "App" of choice, any electronic chart application developer can take advandage of the iPad hardware's success. However, sources within the FAA have indicated that what's good for the goose may not be good for the gander: because commercial-off-the-shelf electronics may not contain identical parts from one production run to the next, even in the same product model, each operator may have to repeat rapid decompression tests and electromagnetic interference tests for the units they purchase. If an operator’s supplier can't guarantee that all of his iPads are from the same production batch, that operator may have to test several different units.… Read more ...

Read More Expands Flight Planning Coverage to Central America and Caribbean South America and Caribbean Coverage

Online flight planning service announced today that it has added Central America and most of the Caribbean to its flight planning coverage. Central America coverage includes Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Caribbean coverage includes Aruba, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Learn more at… Read more ...

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Be A HERO – Become An NBAA Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator

Business aviation has long served as a lifeline to people and communities in crisis. That's because business aircraft can reach locations impacted by natural disasters, when airliners and sometimes even automobiles cannot. Business aircraft can operate on short notice into outlying airports with small runways, and sometimes unpaved airstrips, or even onto roads – they are uniquely suited to providing a first response to natural disasters and other emergencies. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator (HERO) Database is a list of people in the business aviation community who are part of disaster-response mobilization efforts. In the aftermath of major crises, basic information from the database is provided to organizations coordinating relief efforts. Learn more at… Read more ...

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