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Seattle Avionics and DTC DUAT Release “Patent-Free” Flight Planner

DUAT VoyagerTaking advantage of the heat competitor FlightPrep has been receiving over attempts to enforce its Internet flight planning patent, Seattle Avionics Software and DTC DUAT announced the release of DTC Voyager, a free flight planning, weather and electronic chart solution that runs on PC-based devices, including many Electronic Flight Bags.

According to Seattle Avionics Software CEO Steve Podradchik, the company has received numerous calls and emails about the patent's impact on Seattle Avionics customers. "We wanted to offer all pilots a free flight planning alternative that is clear of all patent issues," says Podradchik. "As we don’t make an Internet-based flight planner, we’re clearly not subject to [the FlightPrep patent]."

Positioned as a direct competitor to FlightPrep’s free Golden Eagle product, DUAT Voyager is based on Seattle Avionics' Voyager Software System™ and is available at no cost to customers. The new software sports many advanced features, including own-ship position, Victor and Direct GPS routing, automated weather overlays, profile view with terrain, TFRs, DUAT briefings, and kneeboard printing capabilities.

According to Seattle Avionics' product announcement, the new DUAT Voyager outperforms the original software. "With DUAT Voyager, you get a 100% free product that is both powerful and easy to use," says William Young, Program Manager at DTC DUAT.

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  • I installed it and then tried to uninstall it. Whislt the
    main program is uninstalled the Data Manager hangs around and seems
    impossible to remove. Even the files are impossible to delete. Not
    a happy bunny at the moment.

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