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AvWeb Rips the iPad a New One

Back in June, AVweb's Editorial Director Paul Bertorelli reviewed the iPad in the video "iPad Review (Warts and All)". Overall, this is an excellent review of the iPad's capabilities from a General Aviation perspective. Bertorelli is brutally honest, and he points out several problems with the most popular aviation Apps as well as some limitation pilots will face trying to use the iPad hardware in GA aircraft.This review ultimately leaves the impression that the iPad is a poor choice for GA pilots. Most GA Apps are "feature-happy", and performance is severely crippled by the iPads limited hardware. Compared to PC-based EFBs running applications with comparable features, the iPad simply isn't a good value.But the iPad really shouldn't be compared to a PC EFB.The iPad’s real benefit for pilots is as a document viewer.  The aviation applications that are successful don't try to load the screen up with high definition animations; they instead focus on making integration with those documents simple. Applications like Jeppesen TC work extremely well on the iPad. If the user's sole purpose is to access electronic approach plates, an iPad running Jeppesen TC  is several orders of magnitude better in terms of performance and ease of use compared to Jeppesen JeppView FlightDeck. Current FAA policy severly limits the use of moving map and wireless communications on Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) in larger aircraft, even if they are operating under Part 91. As a result, the iPad running Jeppesen TC for charts and storing electronic documents in an App like Dropbox is a better value than most PC-based EFBs.In the end, if you expect too much from the iPad, it will disappoint. But if you follow the KISS principle in selecting your aviation Apps, you'll be very satisfied with the iPad.If you haven't seen Paul's review already, it's worth taking a look.… Read more ...

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Free Marketplace Listing

Do you have new or used Electronic Flight bag equipment or other aviation technology you'd like to sell on If so, send an email to, and we'll help you post your listing for no charge. If you do sell you product through, donating a portion of the proceeds to would be a great way for you to support our ongoing efforts to share high-quality aviation technology news and information.… Read more ...

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Jet Airways Selects navAero Class 2 EFB

Jet Airways Ltd., an India-based airline, has selected Swedish Electronic Flight Bag manufacturer navAero’s t-Bag™C22 system as the Class 2 EFB platform for the airlines domestic and international fleets. Certification validation begins in December 2010, with the first installations occurring on a Boeing 737-NG under navAero’s STC ST02714NY.

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