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Jeppesen Releases Terminal Chart Viewer for Apple iPad

JeppView and NavSuite customers can now access charts via Apple's iPad. In late July, Jeppesen released Mobile TC, an iPad App that displays electronic terminal procedures. The App is available for free in Apple's iTunes store, but it requires a subscription to JeppView or NavSuite. While the Jeppesen Mobile TC App is not as feature-rich as exisitng iPad Apps like Foreflight (which sports XM Weather in addition to NACO charts), having access to worldwide charts on a compact, low-cost platform may make the iPad an attractive Electronic Flight Bag platform for Business Aviation. Jeppesen Mobile TC Microsite Jeppesen Mobile TC on Apple iTunes… Read more ...

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Avoiding Chart Database Corruption When Updating JeppView or NavSuite

One of my old EFB customers emailed me with this problem: he’s out on the road for week-long trip, multi-leg trip, and when he tried to update JeppView online, the update failed during installation and corrupted his chart database. He left his original JeppView installation CDs back at the hangar, and Jeppesen won’t be able to overnight replacement disks for at least twenty-four hours. Fortunately, he has a backup EFB, he doesn’t want to risk corrupting the database on the second system by doing another online update, but he needs current charts. The solution I’ve used in the past is fairly simple: backup the entire Jeppesen folder. Prior to every update, I copy and paste the Jeppesen program folder to an my “Jepp Archive” folder, which I keep on a removable hard drive (a four gigabyte or better “thumb” drive also works well). I could copy it to an Archive folder on the “C:” drive, or any other local drive on the EFB, but storing the backup on an external drive has a unique advantage, which I’ll discuss later. To back up your Jeppesen directory follow these steps: Create and Archive folder on your removable drive or EFB, as long as it is not inside the Jeppesen folder. Open My Computer, go to your “C:” drive (typically the drive where JeppView is installed), and navigate to the folder containing the “Jeppesen” folder.              On Windows XP, you can find the Jeppesen on the “C:\” drive/ In Windows Vista or Windows 7 look in “C:\Program Data”. The “Program Data” folder is hidden by default in Windows Vista and Windows 7, so to see it you may need to go to ORGANIZE>FOLDER AND SEARCH OPTIONS>VIEW. Select “Show hidden files and folder”. Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files”. Click OK. On Windows XP, you may find the Jeppesen folder or the “C:\” drive root directory and in “C:\Program Files”.… Read more ...

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