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Skype Mobile for Blackberry Is Here!

Skype Mobile on Blackberry Storm

Can you tell that I'm excited? In a previous post, I mentioned that Skype would be releasing a version for Verizon Blackberry devices in late March. Late March is here, and so is Skype for my Blackberry! Skype Mobile download quickly from Skype's website onto my Storm (I'm eligible for a Storm 2 upgrade next month), and everything seemed to install without a hitch. But when I looked in my Applications folder, there was no Skype! After a bit of hunting, I found the Skype icon in the Downloads folder on the Storm. I'm willing to admit I was a bit hasty in my excitement to get it running, and I didn't pay much attention to where the installer was actually installing Skype. So, I clicked on the Skype icon, was presented with a Username and Password screen, and then there was Skype! The interface is a great fusion between the latest Blackberry application interface and the familiar Skype desktop interface. My Skype contacts popped right up, so I decided to give it a Whirl. My sister Mandy leaves Skype logged in on their family room desktop PC, and I since it was early evening, just after dinner, I thought it a safe bet that she would be able to answer. I clicked on her contact listing, and the Blackberry dialer application popped up, just as if I were placing a regular phone call on Verizon. On the second ring, she answered: "Hey! ... Wait, I don't see you!" While this is our usual greeting when I call on my laptop when I forget to plug in the webcam. I didn't her video either, which appears to be a limitation of the Skype/Verison Blackberry solution. Of course, sending video of yourself using the Blackberry camera would be problematic, so overall I'm not too disappointed that this feature isn't there (unless it's hidden somewhere I haven't found, which I've already proven is a likely scenario).… Read more ...

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