Jeppesen to Provide Aeroflot with Class 1 EFB | Paperless Cockpit

Jeppesen to Provide Aeroflot with Class 1 EFB

Aeroflot LogoEnglewood, CO – February 1, 2010 – Jeppesen (a Boeing subsidiary) announced a five-year contract to provide Aeroflot with a Class 1 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), weather and NOTAMs, aircraft performance analysis, and electronic charts via e-Link Online. This contract renews Jeppesen’s forty-year, ongoing relationship with Aeroflot, Russia’s state-run airline and one of the largest air carriers worldwide.

The new agreement will allow Aeroflot to continue its transition to electronic sources of navigation information, eliminating its dependence on paper charting and streamlining its information management. "Jeppesen helps us to smoothly make the transition from paper-based information to electronic services that can be fully integrated across our company, ” said Anotoly Yakimchuk, Director of Aeroflot Flight Operations.

In addition to laying the groundwork paperless flight deck capabilities, Jeppesen’s Ops Data solution will also provide tailored runway performance analysis, allowing Aeroflot to maximize aircraft payloads while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements. According to Thomas Wede, senior vice president and general manager of Jeppesen’s Aviation division, “[This solution] helps our partners such as Aeroflot maintain data continuity across diverse fleets of aircraft to enhance safety, reduce training costs and streamline infrastructure.”

More information about Jeppesen’s Electronic Flight Bag can be found here.

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