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Skype Available On Verizon Blackberry Devices This March

UPDATE: It looks like Skype has taken their announcement video down. Regardless, I've been pleased with the service so far! - Curtis The video above comes courtesy of Skype. In my day job as IT Director for a bizet management and charter outfit, I manage about fifty wireless telephones that can be anywhere in the world on any given day.  Our crews are expected to be in touch at all times, so roaming charges for two-dozen phones scattered across five continents can be a killer, even with our our heavily discounted Verizon Wireless Blackberry plans. We do have virtually unlimited Blackberry Internet access (text messaging is still charged per message), so our crew memebers can Email, surf the Web, and upload flight logs as much as they want. With Skype and Verizon's new offering for the Blackberry, those international roaming charges could disappear. On the other hand, if Verizon had the iPhone, this problem would have been solved a year ago...… Read more ...

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Jeppesen to Provide Aeroflot with Class 1 EFB

Aeroflot Logo

Jeppesen (a Boeing subsidiary) announced a five-year contract to provide Aeroflot with a Class 1 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), weather and NOTAMs, aircraft performance analysis, and electronic charts via e-Link Online. This contract renews Jeppesen’s forty-year, ongoing relationship with Aeroflot, Russia’s state-run airline and one of the largest air carriers worldwide.

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