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Atlas Air Deploys Flightman™ on 747-400 Fleet

Purchase, NY – 14 December, 2009 – In a joint press release, Aircraft Management Technologies (AMT), an aviation operations software provider, and Atlas Air, Inc., an outsourced aircraft services provider, announced an agreement where AMT will deploy its FlightMan™ suite of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications across Atlas Air’s fleet of Boeing 747-400 aircraft. [More...]

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EFB Guidance Library

The Electronic Flight Bag Guidance Library has moved. Click here to view the updated resource. The information below may be outdated and my not reflect current policy and regulations. It is maintained for archival purposes only.  Electronic Flight Bag guidance and policy is always evolving, and while following resources are the most pertinent at the time of this writing, new policies and guidance may be available. Operators may use this EFB Guidance Library as a starting point for additional research. CALL FOR COMMENTS: The FAA has released a draft of AC 120-76B, "Guidelines for the Certification, Airworthiness, and Operational Use of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB)". Learn more about the new policy here. Title 14 CFR Part 91.21: "Portable Electronic Devices" Traditional EFBs are typically not permanently mounted in the aircraft and are considered Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs). Since as early as 1963, Gerneral Aviation operators flying under Part 91 rules have been able to authorize the use of these PEDs (in the cabin or in the cockpit) using the authority granted under Title 14 CFR Part 91.21: "Portable Electronic Devices". Under Part 91.21, the operator or Pilot In Command may authorize the use of a PED during any phase of flight. FAA Advisory Circular 92.21-1B: "Use of Portable Electronic Devices" AC 92.21-1B, "Use of Portable Electronic Devices", provides guidance on how the Pilot In Command operating under Part 91 rules can evaluate Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) for non-interference and authorize them for use in flight. This AC was updated in 2006 to address concerns regarding Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PEDs), such as mobile phones, and Medical-Portable Electronic Devices (M-PED), such as automated external deibrilators (AED). Title 14 CFR Part 91.503: "Flying equipment and operating information" CFR 91.503 lists specific equippage requiements for Part 91 Subpart F Operators (Operators of Large and Turbine-powered Aircraft).… Read more ...

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Refurbished and Used EFBs For Sale

I have a small inventory of used Electronic Flight Bags available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing any of the following, please email me at coden@flyefb.com. 2 x Fujitsu LT P-600 with Transflective Daylight Readable Display (used, good condition, minor scratches) - Price: $600 ea 2 x FliteServ C2 Model FSC2R05 (factory refurbished, good condition with minor cosmetic damage, wiring harness included) - Price: $750 ea 3 x FliteServ C2 Model FSC2R03 (used, good condition with minor cosmetic damage, 28VDC power supply included) - Price: $400 ea 3x E-Board C2 Model EBC201 (used, excellent condition, 28VDC power supply included) - Price: $275 ea 3 x E-Board 1020 Model EB1020 (open-box, like new, 28VDC power supply included) - Price: $250ea 1 x E-Board EB700 Model EB700 (open-box, like new, 28VDC power supply included) - Price: $250 ea 1 x Portable Weather Worx XM Weather Receiver (original model with Bluetooth upgrade, used, antenna not included) - Price: $100 ea I also have an assortment of new and used serial/GPS adapters, cables, styli, carrying cases, kneeboard adapters, and mounting parts.

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